The New Frontier for Blockchain Gaming!

Nexus Network, the blockchain gaming ecosystem, is launching in early 2023 which will have three games and several key components. Check out our roadmap below to see what we’ve accomplished as well as exciting upcoming milestones.

Work Process


Check out the suite of existing and future poweful product, within one platform, that collectivelylevel up Web3 Gaming

  • Awesome and extremely fun games

  • True Ownership & Reward

  • Open to Anyone

  • Invisible and/or Beautiful Experience

  • Environmentally Friendly Operations

Best Features

Become an early adopter and owner of the first blockchain gaming network truly built for the video games industry.

NExus Blockchain
NEXUS blockchain

The NEXUS blockchain is a distributed network customised for video games. This network powers the entire ecosystem, providing extremely fast and virtually fee-free transactions.

Nexus Wallet

The NEXUS Wallet provides a protected and trustworthy application to build, store and manage your digital assets.

Nexus Games

With 3 games which will be launched this year, NEXUS will host a variety of interoperable, exciting and extremely fun games!


NEXUS bridge enables liquidity to move between NEXUS network and others, such as Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


The NEXUS marketplace allows for trading non-fungible assets (such as in-game assets and profile pictures). Trade directly, safely and securely with others in the ecosystem. NEXUS’s low transaction fees, user-friendly marketplace dashboard, and streamlined listing procedure all contribute to an enjoyable and stress-free experience for gamers and developers.

Block Explorer - NEXUScan

A search engine interface allowing users to easily see data from the NEXUS blockchain, such as transactions and holder lists. It also provides the capability to read, write, and interact with any smart contract placed on the blockchain.

Nexus Token

The core unit of value within the NEXUS ecosystem. Used for staking, governance and all kinds of transactions across all applications integrated into the NEXUS ecosystem.

  • 5% Buy Tax
  • 5% Sell Tax

Token Distribution

Information About Token

  • Nexus Network
  • $NXS
  • 3%
  • 2%
  • ERC-20
  • 0x0b62c509e81428943eca89d512a4c8108ab630dd
  • No limits

Frequently Asked questions

Glossary of questions and quick answers for the understanding of the project, more will be added as the project progresses.

What is Nexus Network?

As a pioneering gaming blockchain ecosystem for P2E initiatives, NEXUS enables game developers to seamlesslyincorporate blockchain technology into their games. By doing so, game creators can focus on what they know best: the development of games. In this pursuit, NEXUS oversees the implementation of blockchain technology, NFTs and smart contracts. We envisage a decentralised platform that brings programmers, players, and blockchain fans together to work on and play games built on the blockchain.

NEXUS Protocol

Emerging at the frontiers of blockchain innovation, the expansive scope of NEXUS Layer 2 solutions include a testnet, a mainnet, a bi-directional cross-chain bridge with five chains, a NFT marketplace, a blockchain explorer, a decentralised exchange, and a wallet, with further features to be added in the future. However, the ecosystem was not just created by gamers for gamers, but it also provides all of the day-to-day blockchain necessities for anybody to construct and operate decentralised apps, including gamers, traders, and developers. This means that anyone may participate in the ecosystem.


Our mission is to create a cutting-edge platform for developing games and the everyday use of blockchain technology that brings blockchain enthusiasts, gamers, and game creators together within a decentralised environment. NEXUS Network provides a connection to the comprehensive blockchain demands desired by gamers and aficionados of blockchain technology.

Exploring the Network

Current blockchain solutions include making concessions in one or more of the following areas: scalability, security, or decentralisation - referred to as the trilemma of the blockchain. High throughput and quick finality are requirements for the traditional financial system, particularly from the activities in the back-end to the solutions presented to customers. The whole blockchain sector has a hurdle when attempting to decentralise these services on a large scale while maintaining bank-level security.