We visualize an innovative platform for game development and daily blockchain usage that connects game developers, gamers and blockchain enthusiasts within the decentralized space.

NEXUS connects the full-scale blockchain needs that gamers and blockchain enthusiasts crave. It will provide gamers with an avenue to secure NXS tokens and NFTs as well as play a range of games and build projects on top of the Nexus blockchain. NEXUS will engage the community, giving opportunities for its members to create, learn, and innovate in numerous ways across the blockchain ecosystem.

Nexus Vision
Work Process

NEXUS Protocol

NEXUS blockchain, a Layer 2 solution. It is possible for the network to function as a full-fledged gaming blockchain because of the huge number of transactions that it processes per second. In addition, the network encompasses everything else that a great L2 has to offer. The cheap transaction costs combined with the unparalleled speed make for a lightning-fast on-chain gaming experience.

NEXUS Safety

Confirmation and safety of blockchain transactions are ensured via NEXUS's implementation of the Lachesis aBFT consensus algorithm, which comprises the Clotho and Atropos mechanisms.

The Lachesis algorithm makes it possible to have a blockchain that is both reliable and simple to use. Because the Lachesis protocol handles the state machine replication component, game designers are free to concentrate on developing the games themselves. .

Work Process
Work Process

Exploring the Network

Current blockchain solutions include making concessions in one or more of the following areas: scalability, security, or decentralisation - referred to as the trilemma of the blockchain. High throughput and quick finality are requirements for the traditional financial system, particularly from the activities in the back-end to the solutions presented to customers. The whole blockchain sector has a hurdle when attempting to decentralise these services on a large scale while maintaining bank-level security.