2023 | Q1

Core team formation.
Establishing long-term plan and vision for the project.
Creating the brand and the marketing strategy.
Initial talks with investors and influencers.
Stress-test smart contracts.
Establishing community channels (Twitter, Telegram..).
Website Launch and Roadmap Release.
Contract deployment.
100% LP locked for 1 month.
First community challenges, competitions, games and giveaways!.
Whitepaper v1 release.
Creating our Genesis Collection NFTs.
Development of the NFT marketplace on the website.
Announcement of key business partners and investors.
Sneak-peak of the utilities' development for our community.

2023 | Q2-Q4

First NFT Airdrop (for holders)
NEX DEX V1 release.
Nexus Blockchain Explorer release.
NEX Wallet release.
Sneak-peek of the Nexus Testnet for NFT holders.
Announcement of the 'Nexus Originals' Competion for Developers winners.
Second NFT Airdrop (for competition winners).
Testing out Nexus Chain servers and validators.
Development of the NXS stablecoin
In-game NFT integration.
Validators live.
Staking & Farming live.
Addition of further networks.
Development of a Centralised Exchanges.